The Playboy Prince of Scandal by Susan Stephens


The Playboy Prince of Scandal (The Acostas! Book 9)

His innocent enemy…
…could be his ultimate undoing!
Prince Cesar will never forgive Sofia Acosta for the article branding him a playboy! But to avoid further scandal, he has no choice but to invite her to his lavish banquet in Rome—where he’s confronted by her unexpected apology and the very obvious electricity!
Sofia was blackmailed into writing that article. She’ll risk her hard-fought career to make it right. But surrendering to undeniable temptation wasn’t part of the plan! Because that means putting her trust in the man behind the outrageous reputation…

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  1. Does your family support your career as a writer?

My entire family is amazingly supportive Nas. They love interrupting me too, but as I love being interrupted - sometimes it shakes a new idea into my head when I get back to the computer - I have the perfect set-up.

  1. If you had to do something differently as a child or teenager to become a better writer as an adult, what would you do?
It was always a toss up between music and writing when I was contemplating a career. I went on to become a professional musician, which was fabulous, but part of me wishes I’d become a professional author sooner. Of course, if I had taken my first revision letter as encouragement, rather than suffering from a lack of self-confidence at the time, I might have been writing a lot sooner!!

  1. How long on average does it take you to write a book?
That all depends. Some stories unfold on the page like wildfire, while others take time to mature in my head. First draft? A month. After that, I can be tweaking and revising for quite some time; on other occasions, hardly at all.

Tell us about your book...

I’ve always been crazy about romance and horses, and have this abiding love of all

things Polo - the sumptuous settings and fabulous scenery, the highly bred horses, red-hot heroes, and unimaginable wealth - but I do imagine it, and put it down on the page to luxuriate in with my readers. 
The PLAYBOY PRINCE OF SCANDAL is in in my Spanish ACOSTA series and features the guys’ sister Sofia. 

I’m an only child, but I’m fascinated by the dynamics of being the only girl growing up in a household of forceful men. Sofia more than lives up to my expectations with her strength and resourcefulness - and of course, she deserves to be a princess. Prince Cesar might be powerful, but he’s going to have his work cut out wooing a passionate woman who, thanks to her brothers, is not easily impressed by powerful men!

Susan was a professional singer before meeting her husband on the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta. In true Harlequin Presents style they met on Monday, became engaged on Friday and were married three months later.

A menagerie consisting of dogs, cats, horses, a donkey, several guinea pigs, a husband and three terrific children, keeps Susan busy when she isn’t writing!

She enjoys entertaining, travel, and going to the theatre. To relax she reads, cooks and plays the piano, and when she's had enough of relaxing she throws herself off mountains on skis, or gallops through the countryside singing loudly.

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