New Book: Guiltless -A Cheshire Love Story by Mollie Blake

Title:                      Guiltless
Author:                  Mollie Blake
Release Date:        26th August 2017
Publisher:              Black Opal Books


Managing Director of her own successful fashion house, Lauren Chandler should have everything going for her. But at twenty-nine, she finds herself single again, and bored. Seeking a new challenge in her life, under the guise of saving her company money, Lauren embarks on a mission to model their latest range of lingerie herself. She just needs a photographer. When Byron Lord makes an unusual proposal, Lauren is adamant he won’t win the contract.

Co-owner of Broadway Studios, Byron Lord is determined to provide job security to his off-beat workforce, and he needs Lauren Chandler’s help to do so. Byron may have underestimated how far Lauren would be prepared to go. He had definitely underestimated how much she would demand of him.

And with an ultimatum of her own, Lauren gets far more than she bargained for.

From Mollie Blake:

The idea to write Guiltless came from another story I had written about a young man who was forced to be a gigolo by a controlling, sadistic madam. I created the role of a photographer who would make a film of that man’s life. I wanted a strong, determined and wealthy woman to be tricked into starring in the film. As the words flowed the personalities of Byron and Lauren developed, together with twists, dangers and some rather unusual sexy scenes.

Set in and around the Cheshire countryside in the UK, Guiltless is a Cheshire Love Story filled with romance, tension and sexy scenes. It tells the tale of two people who embark on a guiltless relationship.
Lauren Chandler is head of her own successful fashion house. 
Photographer, Byron Lord, is on a mission to provide job security for his offbeat workforce.
Needing a new challenge in life and deciding to model her company's next range of lingerie herself, Lauren sets out to appoint a photographer. It isn't going to be Byron Lord. But Byron needs help from Lauren Chandler and is determined to win the appointment.
Following an accident Byron has been left burdened with guilt and tormented by straight lines. On signing Byron Lord’s contract, Lauren unwittingly commits to far more than just modelling for a photo shoot. But she has demands of her own. When Lauren issues her ultimatum to be his girlfriend, Byron makes it clear monogamy is not his thing.
Can their guiltless relationship survive after the end of the contract? When a suspicious man and woman appear on the scene, will the contract ever be completed? 

You can read more about this book at Mollie Blake’s website and buy GUILTLESS on Amazon.


  1. Guiltless sounds unique and exciting! Congratulations on this new book, Mollie!

    1. Thanks. I'm very excited but also very nervous. It feels quite revealing! x

  2. Best of luck, Mollie! Sounds like a fun and interesting story!

    1. Thanks. I think it is, but there is danger before a HEA xx

  3. The photographer's silhouette on the cover is a neat addition.

    Congrats and good luck, Mollie!

    1. Thanks Chrys. The arts guy at my publisher enhanced it even more - the original looked as if he could have been holding a gun :)

  4. Congratulations! Sounds great.