Songs Of The Maniac by Mickey J. Corrigan #Giveaway

Gritty Urban Drama, Noir
Modern Dreams from Salt Publishing, U.K.
Songs of the Maniacs
Mickey J. Corrigan

 When the real you is someone you don't know, then you sing the songs of the maniacs.

From her office at a mental health institute outside what appears to be Miami, a troubled young woman counsels deeply disturbed clients while coping with her own heightening concerns. These include frightening consciousness lapses, violent memories of a high school sexual relationship, a menacing stalker, and an annoyingly arousing visitor who may or may not be insane. All this on a single stormy day at a time when a new mental health disorder has become epidemic and is threatening to distort memory and identity, unmooring the validity of reality itself.
The young woman’s search for illumination becomes an eerie struggle, as she attempts to understand her past, present, and true self. The hypnotic pull of the story lies in the mystery of the storyteller herself and her murky, uneasy sense of doom. A seductive and chilling novella, Songs of the Maniacs relies on clear prose and uncluttered imagery to delineate a fascinating descent into the abyss beneath the lush tropical surfaces of contemporary American paradise.
Genre: Urban Crime Noir   
Length: Novella,  30,000 words    
Price: $2.91
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Meet The Author                 Mickey J Corrigan

Mickey J. Corrigan lives and writes and gets into trouble in South Florida. She publishes with pulpy presses with names like Breathless, Champagne and Bottom Drawer. Recent books include the edgy novellas in The Hard Stuff series (Whiskey Sour Noir, Vodka Warrior, Tequila Dirty); and the thriller Sugar Babies.                 

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  1. Wow, this sounds like a wickedly addicting story. The main character seems very complex and like she will bring a lot of drama and suspense to the book. Congratulations on the release!!

  2. Nice! Sounds like it would be an interesting read for sure!
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  3. I tried Noir for the first time the other day, and I kind of liked it.

    Unleashing the Dreamworld

  4. I love that title! I always love stories that take on characters with mental health issues. This sounds like a chilling and exciting read. Wishing much success to Mickey!

  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone!

  6. I love the old-time movie poster feel of the cover.

  7. I love that cover. It sets the mood perfectly.